The Best Time in Texas - Rodeo Season

by Paula Novodvorschi | Jan 17, 2020

Tex-Mex, High School Football, Whataburger, and the Rodeo — things dear to all of us self-proclaimed Texans, whether born or naturalized, that form part of our identity.

We have an unmatched pride for our home state.e help out our neighbors because it's just who we are, and we share a passion for all things Texan because let's face it, they're plain awesome! Like part of an elite secret club, we have certain rules and traditions that reinforce the unexplainable bond we have to each other… except it's no secret — Lord knows we love to talk about them. What could be more Texan than our excitement for one of our favorite traditions… The Rodeo! (hint: the answer is nothing)

FoodTexas Rodeo season is the best season because it's a time for friends, family, every fried food you can imagine, and a whole lot of fun! And while each local event or rodeo holds its own charm, they all celebrate something important, our heritage. At GVTC, we know just how much you look forward to all the barbeque, music, and bull-riding of rodeo season, so we put together a list of the local events you won't want to miss.

The Alamo Round-Up – Feb 1

Saddle up for a Saturday of cowboy fun at the local historical site of The Alamo to celebrate the upcoming start of the San Antonio Rodeo.

Check out weapons of the old west and take a trip down our state's history and heritage with demonstrations of old school games, medicine, and more. Best of all, this event is open to the public, and a fun weekend activity where you and the kiddos can learn about Texas' past for free.

Western Heritage Parade & Cattle Drive – Feb 1

Here's another free event to pre-game the San Antonio Rodeo and celebrate our Texas roots!

Start the celebration by working up a healthy sweat at the Stampede 5k, or a healthy appetite at the Wrangler Breakfast — or both — then join the strutting spectacle of heritage figures of our Lone Star State and herd of Texas Longhorns parading through the streets of downtown San Antonio.


To finish this weekend of fun, loosen up your belt buckle as you eat your heart out to determine the best Tex-Mex dishes at the Vaquero cook-off. Don't worry, nobody will be able to hear the sound of you chomping down on some carne guisada over the Mariachi madness playing in the background!

The San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo – Feb 6-23

An absolute extravaganza of carnival fun and big-time headliners, the San Antonio Rodeo is home to some of the best talent in both the music and rodeo sports worlds.

With so many entertainment options, it's no wonder over a million people come to experience this top-notch event every year. Experience the real-life cowboy action of the rough stock events, where a matter of seconds determines the bull rider champion or watch as contestants compete to see who can round up their animals the fastest, rope and all — talk about a thrill! If that's not your thing, then there's plenty of other things to enjoy such as stellar performances by some of the hottest names in music such as Brad Paisley, Cody Johnson, Becky G, Keith Urban, as well as all the meat and fair-food treats of your dreams.

Mardi Gras Parade at Fiesta Texas – Jan 18-March 2

Okay, while this local event lacks the cowboy fun and has nothing to do with our Texas heritage, it has enough of the family-friendly fun and activities of a rodeo to be included in this list.


Catch all the beads your hands can hold at this Mardi Gras-themed celebration, and enjoy the parade's most elaborate floats, rolling through the heavily decorated streets each night starting at 6 pm. Like a Cajun rodeo, this local event features all the classics of Cajun cuisine, live music, and street entertainment you and your whole family can enjoy.

The Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo – March 3-22

You can't talk about Texas events without paying homage to the largest rodeo of them all, the Houston Rodeo. Worth the hours-long drive, the 20-day celebration kicks off with its own parade and hosts more than just your typical music headliners and rodeo sports talent.

Party like the true Texan you are at one of the most anticipated attractions, the barbecue cook-off, as you jump from tent to tent sampling Texas' finest foods. Then have the time of your life at the massive carnival where you can hop aboard one of the largest Ferris wheels in the world, entertain the littles at the petting zoo, and gobble down all the carnival food — Tip: The turkey leg is worth every penny!

Whether stuffing your face, dancing your boots off, or cowboy sports watching gets you most pumped about rodeo season, these local events are the perfect way to ring in the new year with your favorite people… fellow Texans that is!