GVTC connectOffice® Q&A

Does GVTC include any equipment for customers who subscribe to a plan that includes automation?

No, GVTC provides the service to manage the Z-Wave devices.

What Z-Wave devices are supported?

  • Thermostats
  • Door locks
  • Lightning controls
  • Appliances

Does GVTC sell any Z-Wave devices?

Yes, thermostats and lamp modules.

Where can I purchase Z-Wave devices?

GVTC does not have any direct relationships and these are just suggestions. Amazon, Lowes, Google Search for Z-Wave devices.

Can I purchase my own camera and add to connectOffice®?

No, only cameras provided by GVTC will work on the connectOffice® system. Please call 1-800-367-4882 to purchase additional cameras.

Can I buy and add a Z-Wave device to my system?

Yes, GVTC connectOffice® supports thermostats, door locks and lightning controls. Instructions

What if I forget my username or password?

How many cameras can a Office have?


Is there an online user guide or training videos for connectOffice®?

How much does GVTC charge for camera, thermostats, lamp modules, and appliance modules?

Camera Indoor $120
Camera Indoor $120
Thermostat $150

How much recording time is available for my cameras?

100 MB

How many Z-Wave devices are allowed on my system?


Can a customer add a garage door opener to the system?

Yes, customer can purchase Z-Wave device compatible and enroll it.

What options does a customer have for monitoring there security system?

Wi-Fi, GSM or pots communication

What are the differences between communication devices?

Wi-Fi must have a reliable internet signal in the residence. GSM is a reliable back up for traditional or Wi-Fi monitoring service.

What if my door locks or thermostats won't enroll into the system?

We may have to add devices in to repeat the signal through the house. Fees may be applied for these devices. Please call 1-800-367-4882 for support and/or schedule a technician visit.

Is my current security system compatible with GVTC connectOffice®?

Only Honeywell systems are compatible with GVTC connectOffice®. Contact a GVTC representative to discuss details and pricing. 1-800-367-4882

What means of monitoring is my system capable of?

Not all systems are capable of multiple communication means. Some systems may need to be changed out in order to accommodate WI-FI or GSM communications

Will my system come with a touch screen keypad?

Not all systems will require or come with a touch screen keypad. One may be purchased and installed through GVTC if the system is capable.