Rate Change Announcement

Effective November 1, 2020

As your television service provider, GVTC is dedicated to providing a high-quality video product with the highest level of customer experience. GVTC is continually faced with increasing programming costs from large media companies, and as a result we are faced with sharing these costs with our customers.

Effective November 1, 2020 the following rates will apply:
  • Local Tier: $36.95/month
  • Flex Tier: $72.45/month
  • Top 100 Tier: $111.95/month

Skyrocketing programming rates continue to take a toll on every television service provider which in turn impacts consumer rates as well. GVTC works very hard to keep your prices competitive.

Please review the FAQs below or contact us with any other questions at 800-367-4882.

For more information on cable industry challenges, and how we're negotiating for you, visit www.tvonmyside.com.

We thank you for your continued patronage.

Cable TV Rates FAQs

I received a bill notification that my cable rate is increasing, why is this happening again?

We try to keep your rates as low as possible, however the skyrocketing costs of programming is forcing this increase.

When does the rate increase take place?

The rate increase will take effect on January 1, 2019.

Why can’t GVTC absorb the cost of the rate increase?

To minimize the financial impact to our customers, GVTC did absorb a percentage of the higher programming charged to our company. Taking on a greater portion of the increased programming fees would have an adverse effect on GVTC's overall business operations.

What rates are increasing?

  • Local Tier: $2.50 increase to $31.95
  • Top 100 Tier: $1.50 increase to $98.95
  • Broadcast fee: $1.00 increase to $10.95

Dish/Spectrum/Direct TV did not increase their rates.

All video providers increase their rates as their costs go up. It is just that each provider increases their service fees at different times.

What is GVTC doing to prevent these excessive increases from the broadcasters?

GVTC's position is that these rate increases are extremely excessive. We're fighting these broadcaster demands to keep your cable rates as low as possible and to continue delivering the channels you've come to expect from our company. Read more at www.tvonmyside.com.

Are cable rate increases going to continue to GVTC?

GVTC makes every effort to offer competitive rates and excellent customer service to all of our customers. There's not a predetermined plan to raise rates in the future. However, continued escalating costs for programming content may leave GVTC little choice but to adjust our rates accordingly.

Are there any financial programs that could provide me financial relief from these increases?

Unfortunately, there are no financial assistance programs available for cable TV customers.

I would like to cancel my service.

Please contact us at 800-367-4882 for retention offers.