The 2017 GVTC Charitable Golf Classic a huge success.

Thank you sponsors!

jw-marriotThe GVTC Charitable Golf Classic once again generated record funds to help nonprofits and other causes in the Texas Hill Country and Gonzales areas.

The May 9, 2017, event at the JW Marriot San Antonio Hill Country Resort raised $192,00.56, which is a 22 percent net increase over the previous year. More than 240 golfers from around the country participated in the event, with play taking place on both JW Marriott’s TPC golf courses. 

The GVTC Charitable Golf Classic is the primary fundraiser for The GVTC Foundation, which contributes thousands of dollars annually to local nonprofits that support health & human services, youth programs, volunteer emergency services, education, culture and select public charities. 

Since 2007, The GVTC Foundation has given more than $2.3 million in donations. In 2016, over $228,000 was donated to 74 organizations. The Foundation also awards the annual Ritchie T. Sorrells Scholarship for Leaders and the Ola Armstrong Scholarship, worth $20,000 each. GVTC employees also volunteer for numerous service projects to help local charities.  

"GVTC and The GVTC Foundation board of directors’ thank all of our wonderful sponsors for their participation in our 2017 Charitable Golf Classic,” Ritchie Sorrells, GVTC president & CEO, said. “The success of our fundraiser and positive impact it’s had in our community would not be possible without their commitment to our Foundation’s mission."
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