GVTC connectHome® Q&A

  • Will GVTC connect existing hardwired zones if I have an existing security system?
    If existing zones and prior system compatible, GVTC connects up to 9 existing zones. If not compatible and customer needs additional sensors or motion detector, GVTC will install up to 3 wireless sensors and one motion detector. The customer can purchase additional sensors as needed.

  • Is this available to new or existing security monitoring customers?
    It is available to new customers and existing customers.

  • What Z-Wave products work with Lyric Controller?
    View Compatibility Chart

  • Where can a customer purchase other Z-Wave devices?
    Best Buy, Home Depot, Amazon, etc. GVTC does not recommend one over the other. The pairing of devices is done easily from the Lyric Controller. GVTC support can assist with pairing issues but will not be installing these additional devices.

  • Can a customer have multiple doorbells and cameras?
    Yes, one included in promotion based on whether customer takes a camera or door bell and they can purchase others a la carte.

  • Is a Key Fob included in the new plans?

  • Can I get both a doorbell and camera?

  • Can I purchase my camera and add it connectHome®?
    No, only cameras provided by GVTC will work on the connectHome® system.
    Please call 1-800-367-4882 to purchase additional cameras.

  • How do I reset my Total Connect username and password?
    Follow instructions to reset.