Community Roots, Cutting-Edge Tech

In 1951, GVTC was the first to install phone service in the Hill Country region north of San Antonio. In the ‘80s, we built the infrastructure for cable TV, then high-speed internet in the ‘90s, and then Netflix's #1 ranked Fiber Internet* in the 2000s. 

Today, GVTC continues in its commitment to bring cutting-edge technologies to the communities we serve. Find out if GVTC is in your area.

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We’re dedicated to providing our customers with the best value for best-of-class service. With the Member Dividend Program, you can save more money on your monthly GVTC bill. Since 2018, we’ve lowered the monthly payments of active members 20% every month.

We're Here For You

For those who need it most, The GVTC Foundation enables connections, enhances quality of life, and grows communities. 

See how we’ve given back more than $4.5 million for health and human services, youth programs, education, cultural programs, and more.

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*Netflix ISP Speed Index ranking from 2020.