What affects my speeds?

Your home and router

Your home's structure and the router's location may affect your signal.

Interference from other devices

Baby monitors, bluetooth signals and other devices may cause interference.

The equipment you are using

Different brands of computer hardware may deliver different speeds.

How can I improve my speeds?

Choose a network based on your activities

Choose 2.4 Ghz for basic applications and 5.0 Ghz for HD streaming.

Do not move or reset your router

Do not use the 'pin hole' reset. If you need your router to be moved, call us first for assistance.

GVTC Wi-Fi/Internet Disclaimer: Wi-Fi Services – GVTC makes no guarantees about Wi-Fi speeds and coverage service delivered with a GVTC provided device or a customer purchased device. Service performance may be affected by your proximity to the device, the number of other users/devices connected, the composition of the home/office where the device is located (wood, concrete, etc.), radio frequency interference, the capabilities or age of your laptop, tablet or other Wi-Fi capable device, and the applications you use. GVTC’s Home/Business Wi-Fi service is designed to provide customers with the highest speed available from the network at any given point in time, subject to the many different factors discussed above that can affect network performance. Broadband speeds are “up to” speeds which may vary due to technology in service area and other factors.