WiFi 6

The next generation of WiFi technology that better connects all of the devices in your home no matter how close or far your neighbors are. Enjoy better security and longer battery life with your WiFi 6 supported devices.

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Mesh Access Points

Significantly expand your WiFi coverage and enjoy fast, no-lag speeds throughout your home.

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Premium Router

Turn your home into a WiFi powerhouse, giving seamless access no matter the device, no matter how many people are online. 

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Go Beyond Premium

Network Security

Free with the GVTC WiFi app, secure your home network, protect your online activity, and enjoy a WiFi peace-of-mind. If it’s connected, it’s protected.

Enhanced Parental Control

A step above our basic parental controls. Upgrade to ExperienceIQ™ and you get intuitive parental controls with ultimate oversight and protection, covering content, applications, and websites on all devices connected to the network. 


24/7 Premium tech support, IoT device support, and PC scans for better performance.


The GVTC Wifi App gives you more control over your Wifi network. Set up guest accounts, manage devices connected to your network and change your SSID easily from your smartphone.

Get Help With Easy Guides

Setup your home network with our easy-to-use guides, learn how to configure your WiFi with mesh access points, and troubleshoot common issues and Frequently Asked Questions. 

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