Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality (or “Open Internet”) and Internet Privacy are recent issues in the news and important concerns to GVTC and its customers. With the latest Net Neutrality decision, the FCC restored the regulatory oversight that existed from the Internet’s inception until it was changed just 18 months ago. With the new order, the FCC also enhanced consumer protection through added oversight by the Federal Trade Commission.

Regardless of the term used, or the regulatory oversight, our goal is to be the preferred Internet Service Provider, delivering the fastest, most reliable Internet experience possible. We want to remind our customers of our commitment to Net Neutrality and Internet Privacy.

We support an open Internet and your ability to access the content of your choice, whenever and however you choose to access it. We do not block or slow down any Internet traffic, such as web surfing or streaming, nor do we engage in any practice to discriminate against websites or streaming services. Rather, GVTC continually works to improve the internet experience by investing millions of dollars annually to upgrade the internet network and extend fiber service to more locations.

We also understand the importance of your Internet Privacy, and we do not collect or sell your information to anyone, including third parties. We respect your privacy.

We remain committed to you, our customer, and your ability to access the Internet information of your choice, using our fast, secure, and reliable Internet connection.