GVTC Premium WiFi

Includes ProtectIQ™: Network Security

GVTC Premium WiFi includes network-level security that protects ALL devices connected to your WiFi, with an improved experience expertly installed by a certified technician.

  • Powered by WiFi 6
  • Mesh Access Point (MAP) capable
  • Faster processing speeds
  • Increased signal strength
  • Greater WiFi coverage
  • Connect more devices

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General Product Information

WiFi 6WiFi 6: GVTC Premium WiFi supports WiFi 6 devices.

Mesh Access PointMesh Access Points: GVTC Premium WiFi also provides the ability to add Mesh Access Points in order increase coverage of WiFi in your home, particularly in larger homes. Call GVTC at 800-367-4882 to learn more.


Multiple DevicesPremium Router: Allows multiple devices to connect and communicate to the Internet, both wirelessly, and while hardwired. In order to maintain your Internet connection, GVTC requires our router to be connected.

SSIDSSID: An SSID should not contain special characters as this could cause issues with certain wireless devices or applications. For example: #$%!@

ProtectIQ™: Network Security - Free with GVTC Premium WiFi

Protect all the devices connected to your WiFi from viruses, malware, and hackers. ProtectIQ™ updates every single week, automatically protecting you from a growing list of known threats, for every connected device in your home, including all your smart devices.

Click below to learn how to access ProtectIQ™ on your GVTC WiFi App.

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WiFi User Guides and App

GVTC WiFi AppGVTC WiFi App: GVTC Premium WiFi comes with access to the GVTC WiFi app, which gives you more control over your WiFi network.

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GVTC WiFi App User Guide

Guest WiFiGuest WiFi ability: Give your guests easy, quick access to your network without sharing your primary WiFi information.

User Guide

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Parental ControlsParental Controls: Basic parental controls are included, with the option to upgrade to ExperienceIQ: Enhanced Parental Control. Shop online or call 800-367-4882 to add Enhanced Parental Control to your GVTC Premium WiFi app.

Basic Parental Controls

User Guide

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ExperienceIQ: Enhanced Parental Control

User Guide

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Maximizing Your WiFi Speeds

There are numerous ways you can ensure you are getting the most out of your WiFi.