GVTC connectOffice® Q&A

No, GVTC provides the service to manage the Z-Wave devices.

  • Thermostats
  • Door locks
  • Lightning controls
  • Appliances

Yes, thermostats and lamp modules.

GVTC does not have any direct relationships and these are just suggestions. Amazon, Lowes, Google Search for Z-Wave devices.

No, only cameras provided by GVTC will work on the connectOffice® system. Please call 1-800-367-4882 to purchase additional cameras.

Yes, GVTC connectOffice® supports thermostats, door locks and lightning controls.


IPCAM-WI2 Camera Indoor: $120
ZWSTAT Thermostat: $150

100 MB


Yes, customer can purchase Z-Wave device compatible and enroll it.

Wi-Fi, GSM or pots communication

Wi-Fi must have a reliable internet signal in the residence. GSM is a reliable back up for traditional or Wi-Fi monitoring service.

We may have to add devices in to repeat the signal through the house. Fees may be applied for these devices. Please call 1-800-367-4882 for support and/or schedule a technician visit.

Only Honeywell systems are compatible with GVTC connectOffice®. Contact a GVTC representative to discuss details and pricing. 1-800-367-4882

Not all systems are capable of multiple communication means. Some systems may need to be changed out in order to accommodate WI-FI or GSM communications

Not all systems will require or come with a touch screen keypad. One may be purchased and installed through GVTC if the system is capable.