Professional Monitoring Solutions

Total control at your fingertips.

Your security system, fully accessible from your mobile device
  • Secure: Activate and deactivate your security system, lock and unlock doors, and request emergency help.
  • Monitor: Stay updated with indoor, outdoor, and front door video feeds.
  • Manage: Customize and automate your temperature, lighting, water supply, and more.
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Activity Analytics

Use cameras to track traffic flow and people movement across locations.
  • Determine total net occupancy with multidirectional counting.
  • Use heat maps to track where people spend the most time.
  • Count people in a defined area and get alerts for crowding.
  • Measure average customer wait time and get alerts for long queues.
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Business Insights & Awareness

Access operational data from multiple locations with daily, weekly and monthly reports.
  • Get instant alerts if employees open late or close early.
  • Monitor activity in sensitive or restricted areas.
  • View graphs of peak times to optimize staffing.
  • Track promotion impact with detailed activity data.
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Monitoring & Video Surveillance

Installed and monitored by security experts, ensuring your system is always armed and secure.
  • Cancel false alarms from anywhere using your mobile app.
  • Ensure your property is always secure with auto-arming.
  • Instantly create and delete user codes as needed.
  • Manage your emergency contact list directly from the app or website.
  • Get instant alerts for unusual events, like doors opening at odd times.
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Energy Management & Temperature Monitoring

Integrate and use connected smart thermostats and lighting to keep your business cozy, avoiding expensive employee adjustments.
  • Control your smart thermostats, even on-the-go.
  • Use thermostat schedules to save money during closed hours.
  • Receive notifications when thermostat settings change or the refrigerator door is left open.
  • Set up lighting schedules to keep your business safe and well-lit, reducing liability risk.
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