GVTC Elevate

Simplify your streaming experience and access Netflix®, YouTube® and Pandora® from your TV Channel Guide.

Learn how to unlock GVTC Elevate's features with our user guides and FAQs.

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GVTC Elevate FAQ

I only have GVTC TV service, why don’t I see the Netflix®, YouTube®, or Pandora® apps?

GVTC Internet is required for use of integrated GVTC Elevate apps.

Do I have to change out my old remote for a new Netflix® one?

No, GVTC Elevate apps will work with existing Arris remotes. All new customers going forward will be given the new remotes. Old remotes can be swapped out for new ones at customer's request.

Can I program my sound bar or surround sound system to the new Netflix® remote?

Yes, instructions are on the Programming Your Remote guide.

How many WHDVR players can I have at my home?

GVTC Elevate gives customers up to 6 simultaneous streams. This limits the number of players available at one location to 6. The previous limit was 5.

Can I record more than one show at a time?

Yes; with the Elevate WDVR you can record up to six different shows at the same time. If all 5 streams are recording new content, only recorded or recording content can be viewed.

How many recordings can I keep on my WHDVR?

You can record approximately up to 350 hours of SD programming with 1 terabyte of storage. That amount will be reduced with HD content.

Can I record a program from the beginning if it has already started?

Yes; as long as you started watching the show from the beginning. You must, within the first half hour of the show, press the RECORD button and the recording will begin at the beginning of the show. If you change the channel before you press record and then change back, the show may no longer be able to record from the beginning.

Is a Netflix® subscription included with my GVTC TV service?

No, you will need to set up a subscription to use the Netflix®, Pandora®, YouTube® apps.

How do I enable Voice Guidance for the visually impaired?

The Voice Guidance feature ‘reads and verbally describes’ the actual text from the Menu as you navigate through the channels and the various menu selections. The feature temporarily overrides and mutes any of the content audio so you can clearly hear the program and menu descriptions.

To enable Voice Guidance, go to the Settings category of the guide, navigate to the Voice Guidance card and select ON in the right pane. If Voice Guidance is not listed in the Settings category of the guide, your equipment may not be compatible. Contact GVTC support at (800) 367-4882 to schedule a technician visit to upgrade your cable boxes.

Click here for Elevate Voice Guidance documentation