A superior home security experience

Our Arlo from connectHome® security cameras are the next best thing to being there.

Arlo Pro 4 2K Wireless Security Camera

Advanced video quality with 2K HDR combined with the convenience of connecting directly to WiFi with a wide field of view.

Arlo Essential Security Camera

Monitor your outdoor spaces with the reliable, durable, and weather resistant Arlo 2nd Generation Essential Camera. With wired or wireless install, view all your videos in 2K quality.

Compare Cameras

  Arlo Pro 4 Arlo Essential
Resolution 2K 2K
Field of View
Field of View 160° 130°
Night Vision
Night Vision Color Color
Weather Resistant
Weather Resistant
Power Source
Power Source Rechargeable Battery Rechargeable Battery
2-Way Audio
2-Way Audio Noise & Echo Cancellation Noise & Echo Cancellation

Solar Panel Charger

With a weather resistant design, the Arlo solar panel charger keeps your battery charged with direct sunlight so you’ll never miss a thing.

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* Active GVTC Internet service and active GVTC Premium Wi-Fi service in the home is required for installation and continued operation of the GVTC Self-Monitoring system. Self-Monitoring security service commences when installation is completed. Services continue until terminated by Customer or by GVTC. Self-Monitoring equipment provided by GVTC remains the property of GVTC. In the event of the discontinuation of any service for any reason, a charge for non-returned equipment will apply. Not all existing home systems, sensors, or other devices are compatible with GVTC Self-Monitoring service. Broadband speeds are “up to” speeds which may vary due to technology in service area and other factors. Unlimited Data when compliant with GVTC Acceptable Use Policy for High-Speed Internet Svc (gvtc.com). Rates are subject to change. Price excludes applicable taxes, surcharges & fees. Installation fee may apply. Other restrictions may apply. Services described will be provided by either Guadalupe Valley Telephone Cooperative, Inc., d/b/a GVTC or its wholly owned subsidiary, Guadalupe Valley Communications Systems LP, d/b/a GVCS. License B-03287. Service subject to terms and conditions published from time to time at gvtc.com/support/policies-terms-conditions. This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.