Phone Repair Service

Inside Wire Maintenance ($3.95 per line for residents / $4.95 per line for businesses)

All GVTC residential and business customers can sign up for our Inside Wire Maintenance monthly service, which provides repair protection for phone jacks and wiring inside customers' homes and offices. This plan protects GVTC customers from unexpected repair charges when problems are found within inside phone wires and jacks. Learn more about this service and its terms and conditions.

Determine the Source of the Problem

GVTC maintains and repairs the phone lines to your home or business. Make sure the problem you are experiencing is not in your customer-owned equipment. If we make a service call and determine the problem lies in your customer-owned equipment, you may be charged for the cost of the service call.

  • Look for symptoms like cracked plastic housing, broken or frayed cords, or lights that don't work.
  • Make sure each phone's receiver is on the hook. If none of them are off the hook, unplug every phone. Plug them back into the wall jack one at a time, checking each phone for a dial tone. The customer-owned equipment that causes the line to go dead is the broken one.
  • If you have just one phone, unplug it and borrow someone else's. If the borrowed phone works, then the problem is in your customer-owned equipment.

If It's Customer-Owned Equipment

Leave the broken equipment unplugged and follow the warranty instructions or return the equipment to the place where it was purchased.

Prior to contacting the repair service number, determine if the problem in your customer-owned equipment. If a GVTC repairman visits and finds the problem exists in your customer-owned equipment, you may be charged for each repair visit. If the problem is not in your customer-owned equipment, call the GVTC repair service number (see list below).

Unplug the modules in the protector outside your home. Plug in the module for your phone cord. If you do not hear a dial tone, call the GVTC repair service number (see list below). If you hear a dial tone, the problem may be customer-owned wiring or equipment.

Telephone Troubleshooting

Reporting a Telephone Outage

Calls are accepted 24 hours a day at the numbers listed below. You may call 1-800-367-4882 if you are calling long distance.

  • BALCONES: 755-4050
  • HANCOCK: 885-4050
  • SATTLER: 885-4050
  • BLANCO: 833-3050
  • KENBERG: 885-4050
  • SATURN: 540-4050
  • BULVERDE: 885-4050
  • KINGSBURY: 639-4050
  • SMITHSON VALLEY: 885-4050
  • CRANES MILL: 885-4050
  • LEESVILLE: 437-4050
  • WAELDER: 788-4050
  • COST: 437-4050
  • ROCKY CREEK: 839-4050
  • WESTHOFF: 236-4050
  • GONZALES: 437-4050
  • SABINA: 755-4050